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Danish is an Entrepreneur, Hosting Expert and the Founder of GetSetLive - Web Hosting Company Offers Domain Names and Managed Hosting Solutions with a mission to bring people online. Apart from his professional skills, Danish is a gadget geek, a nature-loving individual and an avid blogger. He is father of one enjoys Travel, Cricket, and his Family.

Why buy from Authorised Google Apps Reseller

Why buy from Authorised Google Apps Reseller
Google Apps for Business is one the best cloud based productivity tool available in the market, in the past few years many small and large enterprise has opted for Google Apps for work . In recent articles i discussed Why to use Google Apps for Business, which will give you more clarity on usability of this productivity tool.

As you now know why to use google apps, the next step is to know how to buy google apps. There are 2 options either you go directly to Google Apps website and signup directly  or choose any partner who is an Authorised Google Apps Reseller. If you want to go with first option of direct signup you can follow this step by step guide to setup google apps but if you want to go for second option lets discuss the benefits of it below.
Benefits of buying from Authorised Google Apps Reseller
In this i will help you out to discuss the benefits of buying Google Apps from Authorised Google Apps Reseller. You might be wondering how you will authenticate the reseller, i will explain you about this later on in this article.

Note: Even Google recommends engagement with partners for Google Apps […]

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How to Create Email ID with own Domain Name

How to Create Email ID with own Domain Name
In my day to day routine of meeting Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Professionals etc. I have seen many of them uses their email on or even if they have their own Domain Name registered.

To be very honest, it seems outdated .but the good idea is to use domain specific email address like as it shows more professionalism and gives more authenticity to your brand.

There are many options out there in the market on how to create email id with own Domain Name and few of the best free & paid options are explained below for you.

Free methods to Create Email ID with own Domain Name
1. Free Email ID with own Domain Name
In this digital world its very common that people have their own Domain Name for business, personal or professional use. If you still don’t have one you can Register Domain Name from here, and you will get 2 basic email accounts free with it.

No matter from where you buy your Domain Name majorly all the good domain providers gives you 1 or 2 email ID’s Free with each Domain Name and If you are just starting its a […]

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11 FREE Website Monitoring Tools to check website uptime

Website Monitoring Tools to Check website uptime
Monitoring your website’s uptime is very important if you are serious about your online presence. This can be very easily accomplished by Website Monitoring Tools available for free on internet. These tools will help you check your website regularly in order to make sure that you don’t lose your online business.

You can’t sit on your computer all day to look after your website. There are a number of services that can enable you to monitor your website uptime. A website’s uptime directly depends on the availability of the website on the internet. Downtime monitoring alert  via email or SMS is sent to you instantly whenever your website goes down.
If you really don’t want to check all the tools mentioned and want move towards the top 3 recommended tool by us. You can move to the bottom of this article on the conclusion section.
It may be possible at times that you’re able to see your website but others are not. If this problem occurs frequently, then it is a serious problem to consider and then test your website with any Website Monitoring tools.

Always remember that if you can’t keep your website running all the times, your customers are […]

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How to use SSH in Linux Shared Hosting

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Website Design Checklist You Should not Skip

Building website? Here is a ready 10 point website design checklist to create awesome user-friendly websites. Check out basic website design checklist.
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6 Excellent Tips to Reduce Website Load Time

Speed is a Google ranking factor. We share tips to reduce website load time as a 1-second delay results in 7% loss of customer conversion.
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Best time to post on Facebook Fan Page

Lets start with the question.
Q. What is the best time to post on Facebook Fan Page?
A. Simple when maximum audience is Online
The answer has a more tricky question inside it, How to find when the maximum of the audience is online? This post will help you to take the maximum out of you Facebook Fan Page. There are number of studies which has been done, to determine the best time to post on Facebook.

Recently there was really no way to find the best time for particular Business Fan Page to post and interact with audience. The social media managers had work hard to make posts on different time to find what is the best suitable time to make a post. Even I struggled hard to find this, usually I browse the Facebook Insights to check the stats and recently i came across the insight which will help you find when maximum of page fans are online in a day.

When your fans are online? Facebook specially designed and Insight tab to help find best time to post on Facebook. So here is the trick to on How to find Best time to post on FaceBook Fan Page.

Step1: Go to your Facebook Fan Page and […]

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Hacks to choose a killer Domain Name for Business

It’s crucial to select a killer domain name for business. The businesses with a killer domain are more likely to get furnished in the cyberspace rather than an unprofessional and unrelated domain name. The domains that are relevant and rich in keywords found easily by the search engines and thus provide extra edge to your business. Let’s have a visual at factors that should be considerable while selecting a Domain Name.
Hacks to choose a killer Domain Name

Although, there are a number of notable factors to select a domain name, one of the paramount factor is to select a domain name that’s Easy to Remember, Short in Length, and most importantly easy to type in the webs browser. An easy to remember and short domain name serves the purpose of advertising the business without spending extra money. When people are not familiar with a business, it’s critical to have a crisp and concise domain name so that they can recollect a business through the website name.

Keywords and Branding

Having a crisp and concise domain name is not enough; it should be a keyword rich domain name. It’s crucial to have a catchy, brand friendly, and keyword-rich domain name in order to found its […]

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10 Steps to start Online Business

The numbers of online shoppers have increased significantly in the past recent years. So giving your product or service and online presence is a really money making ideas. In order to boost the bottom line of your small business, serious actions are required to be taken by the business owners. With the increase number of online buyers, there is a strong need for the brick and mortar business owners to build their business online. In addition to bringing their website, small business owners should also find ways to bring in customer traffic and generate web sales on their sites as the competition amongst online stores/shops is at its peak. If your small business doesn’t build strong business online along with an impressive network, your online business will soon be out of business.

The newbies always look forward for step by step guide so here is 1o Steps to start Online Business. Recent researches have shown that many online shopping websites have skyrocketed their business just by giving everything to their online shopping websites. There’re a massive crowd who shops online now and the statistics are expected to increase greatly in the next coming years.

The reason behind the success of online shopping websites is […]

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10 Ways to Improve Productivity at Work

In this era of globalisation, it’s crucial to be productive at all times. However, definition of productivity may vary from person to person. According to me, productivity is not about doing more or overwhelm yourself with loads of work. Then, what is productivity? Well! My definition of productivity may not be exact as yours.

There are many Way to Improve Productivity at work Though, productivity means doing smarter, faster, and better work according to me, it doesn’t mean faster work should deteriorate the quality of the work. You can only be productive when you take proper care of your physical and mental health, otherwise you may mess yourself.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to remain productive with your tasks. Yet you should never discourage yourself as productivity requires continuous efforts from you. First of all, to be productive, intelligent planning, and effective habits need to be implanted as sinking a taproot deep into the foundation.
Hack Productivity
No wonder that it has become mandatory to hack productivity, whether you’re at home, office, or home-office. Productivity traits may differ from place to place but they’re critical. In order to lighten the workload you’re dealing with, it’s important to greatly improve the productivity by strengthening […]

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