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Exclusive Xiaomi Mi 5

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Why WordPress Hosting best for Website/Blog

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Transfer your Domain in 3 Easy Steps

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8 Powerful Ways to Build Links for a WordPress Blog

OK, these link building ways aren’t restricted to only a ‘WordPress’ blog but to any kind of blog but since WordPress is undoubtedly the “best blogging platform” winner, hence, the title of this post.

So that’s out of the way and let’s focus on the agenda.
What is Link Building & Why Should You Care?
Shame on you if you’re a blogger and yet, you don’t know about link building. You need links to survive in this badass blogging world.

Did you know advertisers shell out even four-figure dollars to get a SINGLE link from major publications? That’s the power of links!

Links are nothing but a vote of approval. It’s like when you write a post and 100 other people link to it, Google understands your blog post to have some authority and as such, the search rankings get better.

On hindsight, there are arguments by few experts claiming you don’t need to focus on link building if you can “game” the system. I won’t get into an argument here but personally, I feel links are good for online visibility.
WordPress Blog Link Building Strategies
In the next couple of minutes, you will read about 8 WordPress blog link building strategies beneficial if you can put them […]

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12 Unknown Tips to Use Google Apps efficiently

12 Unknown Tips to Use Google Apps efficiently:
Google Apps offers a cheap and effective suite of apps for businesses or colleges or schools looking to move to the cloud.

Here are 10 ways to improve your Google Apps experience. As many Organisations and companies think about the switch to Google Apps, the question is raised of how productive one can be on the cloud-based system. Everyone wants to work with fewer hassles, and i have a handful of Unknown tips for you to use Google Apps efficiently:

1. Access Gmail Offline: If you don’t have internet access, or if you just need to stop the flood of incoming emails while you organize, Their Offline feature lets you work through email without an internet connection. Google app lets you view emails, reply to threads, archive messages and label conversations all while you’re unplugged from an internet connection. Once you get online again, it syncs all of your changes to your account automatically.

How to install Gmail Offline for your Desktop:

Go to the app’s page in the Chrome Web Store
Click the + Free button
Click Add


2. Access your Google Drive files Offline: You can read and edit your saved Google Drive documents when you’re offline. Google Drive offline […]

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How to Upgrade Blog to Target Mobile Demographic?

Digging into Google Analytics shows a pattern. The pattern is the rising number of blog visitors from mobiles or smartphones. In other words, it’s a giant in the making and as a blogger, you have to take cognizance of them.

On 21 April 2015, Google introduced the “mobile-friendly” update, according to which, blog pages that are optimized for mobile viewing will get better preference in search ranking.


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There is no getting around them as people from all walks of life use mobile devices for a number of tasks.  Web surfing, reading, paying bills and shopping are some of the functions that can be performed using a smartphone.

There are many ways a blog can make use of the huge and exponentially growing mobile market for multiple benefits.

Is your blog optimized for mobile users?
Are you able to generate sales from blog, especially from mobile visitors?

Here are few recommended ways:
Get the Facts
Tablets, smartphones, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are designed to hold all types of data and unlike the devices from the 1990s and early 2000s; they can show clear images of products, streaming videos and more.

If you are not a user of these, it is in your best interest to look into […]

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Why buy from Authorised Google Apps Reseller

Why buy from Authorised Google Apps Reseller
Google Apps for Business is one the best cloud based productivity tool available in the market, in the past few years many small and large enterprise has opted for Google Apps for work . In recent articles i discussed Why to use Google Apps for Business, which will give you more clarity on usability of this productivity tool.

As you now know why to use google apps, the next step is to know how to buy google apps. There are 2 options either you go directly to Google Apps website and signup directly  or choose any partner who is an Authorised Google Apps Reseller. If you want to go with first option of direct signup you can follow this step by step guide to setup google apps but if you want to go for second option lets discuss the benefits of it below.
Benefits of buying from Authorised Google Apps Reseller
In this i will help you out to discuss the benefits of buying Google Apps from Authorised Google Apps Reseller. You might be wondering how you will authenticate the reseller, i will explain you about this later on in this article.

Note: Even Google recommends engagement with partners for Google Apps […]

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How to Create Email ID with own Domain Name

How to Create Email ID with own Domain Name
In my day to day routine of meeting Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Professionals etc. I have seen many of them uses their email on or even if they have their own Domain Name registered.

To be very honest, it seems outdated .but the good idea is to use domain specific email address like as it shows more professionalism and gives more authenticity to your brand.

There are many options out there in the market on how to create email id with own Domain Name and few of the best free & paid options are explained below for you.

Free methods to Create Email ID with own Domain Name
1. Free Email ID with own Domain Name
In this digital world its very common that people have their own Domain Name for business, personal or professional use. If you still don’t have one you can Register Domain Name from here, and you will get 2 basic email accounts free with it.

No matter from where you buy your Domain Name majorly all the good domain providers gives you 1 or 2 email ID’s Free with each Domain Name and If you are just starting its a […]

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#GetSetBlog: 25th July was all about Blogging

As a company we realise each day that networking and brainstorming are essentials we cannot go without. That is the reason our representatives are always present at events relevant to the field of blogging, content and content marketing. This time, we tried something different. As we are all about blogging and the internet, we decided to light our own little ensemble about the same.

A plan was made and the people were contacted. Arrangements were made and online promotions were done. Finally with over 300 registrants, the #GetSetBlog event was confirmed to be held in the awesome co-working spaces of 91 SpringBoards on Saturday, the 25th of July. It was not all us though! Our excellent speakers were the ones who attracted the 150+ audience from various parts of NCR and India (Jaipur, Meerut etc.).

We were a bit sceptical about the weather at first owing to the downpours which had taken the city literally by storm in the past few days. To our surprise however, we woke up to a bright sunny day. As the event registration time came close we saw people coming in, registering, and taking their places, excited about what was to come. For the first time, so […]

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How to Use Audio Giveaway as a Blog Revenue Strategy?

Back in 2007, music icon Prince gave copies of his latest CD to nearly 2.4 million subscribers of the UK’s Mail on Sunday newspaper.  While the public thought that the musician may be off his rocker, his direct marketing strategy proved them wrong as total sales for the album was in the millions.

Not to mention, this was with little radio airplay or traditional promotion campaigns that record companies have used in the past.

Why did the strategy work? Let’s explore and see if your blog can make use of audio giveaways.
Giving Blog Subscribers Something Worthy
In case you are thinking, ‘I don’t play the guitar or sing’, this strategy can still work for your blog brand on many levels and you do not have to be in the entertainment business to see returns.

There are many musicians out there, both backed by corporations like Sony as well as those independent artists, who use the Internet and other media to giveaway their products up for future sales.

About a decade before he became Conan O’Brien’s sidekick on his late show, Reggie Watts fronted a Seattle-based Indie band that went under the name of Maktub.  I had the pleasure of hearing their debut CD online as […]

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